STAYCEE PEARL dance project
Formed in October of 2009,STAYCEE PEARL dance project (SPdp) exists to interpret and mirror culture and community, while experimenting with innovative conceptual possibilities. SPdp intends to participate in meaningful collaboration with artists, musicians, choreographers, educators and activist, and serve as the movement component to PearlArts: movement and sound, cofounded by Staycee Pearl and sound designer/engineer/DJ, Herman “Soy Sos” Pearl. Staycee and dancers have participated in several community events since inception, and the company’s first concert, PUPA, was presented as a part of the Kelly-Strayhorn’s Creative Community Artist Residency Program in July of 2010.  SPdp is now honored to serve as the theater’s resident dance company.   

On December 2 + 3, SPdp will premier OCTAVIA, an exploration of the life and writings of Octavia Butler at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater. 8 pm


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